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Property Preservation staff consolidates for efficiency

All of the programs in the City of Kansas City, Mo., Property Preservation Division will be located on the fourth floor of City Hall, 414 E. 12th St., as of Oct. 26. Some of these programs previously were located at 2534 Prospect Ave.

"This consolidation of services and staff is expected to create greater efficiency in service delivery for residents and a faster turnaround time for contractors who are either applying to become contractors or anticipating payment for work they have done," said Bob Jackson, manager of the Property Preservation Division of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department.

The employees in the Vacant Properties Section of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department will continue to work at 2534 Prospect Ave. These employees will continue to accept applications for the Property Preservation Division programs and will forward the applications to the employees at City Hall.

"No changes are being made to the way residents will be able to get applications. We also will continue with the same neighborhood outreach approaches we have used in the past as a means to get applications to residents," Jackson said.

The Property Preservation Division is accepting applications for the following programs:
•Barrier Removal Program -- The Barrier Removal Program removes obstacles in and around the homes of physically disabled people to enhance access. Improvements include ramps, bath tub and shower rails, and stair lifts. This program is available to homeowners and to renters who have obtained landlord approval.
•Paint Program -- The Paint Program provides paint and painting supplies to residents who meet the income guidelines. Applications for this program are available online at
•Weatherization Program -- The Weatherization Program specializes in energy conservation. Repairs include air sealing measures; door and window repair or replacement; insulation of attics, walls and basements; abatement of health and safety related issues; and furnace and water heater repair or replacement. Applications for this program are available online at
•Home Improvement Rebate Program – The Home Improvement Rebate Program provides up to a $4,500 rebate for home repair for pre-qualified homeowners. New structures and room additions are not eligible.

The employees will be moving to their new space Oct. 25. The old telephone numbers for the employees who work in these programs and are relocating will not work at City Hall. To reach these employees, contact them by e-mail or call (816) 513-3025, the main number for the Property Preservation Division.

Media inquiries about the Neighborhood and Community Services Department should be directed to Teresa L. Clark, public information officer, (816) 513-3247.

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