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KCCG-TV2 programming now available on demand online

No matter where viewers may be, access to the Internet will equal access to all of the programs on KCCG-TV2, the city government channel.

With the help of San Francisco-based Granicus, the City of Kansas City, Mo., is making its television programming available on demand online at

KCCG-TV2 previously was available only to residents of the City of Kansas City, Mo., who subscribe to Time Warner Cable or Everest Connections, and online at The City is Granicus' first client in Missouri.

"Being able to provide accurate and timely information to citizens and employees is a chief concern for the City Clerk's Office. With this solution you can watch the video and have the meeting agenda with the links to documents all in one window," City Clerk Millie Crossland said.

Crossland researched systems for more than a year before signing the contract with Granicus. In her search she found no other companies that provide the integrated agenda and video system.

The City has been live streaming the City's original shows and meetings broadcast on KCCG-TV2 for three years, but most City employees were not able to watch the streaming video because the firewall prevented this access.

Now that the channel's programming is available on demand online, simultaneous committee meetings can be aired, all viewers can see exactly what they want to see when they want to see it, and they can do key word searches to find the desired programming. This streaming system allows viewers to skip to specific parts of a show or meeting and access additional information on a split screen for all programs that debuted within the past calendar year. The additional information could be a meeting's agenda complete with links about the results of a vote on a particular item of business or a Web site address where more information about the topic being discussed can be found.

Closed captioning is on the City Council's legislative meetings and this feature will be added to other programs as it becomes feasible. The total implementation of the system is estimated to cost $60,000. The City will be charged $2,150 monthly for this system.

"We are excited to provide this convenience and we anticipate that this service will cut down on the requests for video and DVD copies of our meetings and television shows," Crossland said.

It is anticipated that this system eventually will be used by all City departments to train employees and deliver information to citizens about programs and services.

More information about this system is available at

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