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City officials celebrate project completion with residents

City of Kansas City, Mo., officials and residents in the Bannister Acres Neighborhood on Friday celebrated the completion of one of the City's most highly anticipated sanitary sewer projects.

Councilman Alvin Brooks, 6th District at large, and Councilman Chuck Eddy, 6th District, attended the celebration and thanked the residents of the Bannister Acres Neighborhood for their resolve during the construction process. Councilwoman Becky Nace, 5th District at large, and Councilwoman Saundra McFadden-Weaver, 3rd District, also were in attendance.

"The City of Kansas City, Mo., has worked side by side with the residents in the Bannister Acres Neighborhood throughout this project and I am very happy to be here to celebrate the completion," Eddy said.

The Bannister Acres Neighborhood project involved a massive sanitary sewer program designed to tie approximately 100 residences into the City's sanitary sewer system. The majority of these residences previously depended on septic sewer systems. The City's Capital Improvements Management Office managed the design and construction of this project, and the office worked with the Water Services Department and Wilson Plumbing to substantially complete the project this summer.

"The residents of Bannister Acres had an honest and necessary request to be hooked up to the City's sanitary sewer line," Brooks said. "The City made a promise to the residents and one year later we see that promise has been realized."

City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen and other City leaders took a bus tour through the Bannister Acres Neighborhood in 2005 to learn about the community's greatest concerns. During the tour, most residents mentioned the need for their neighborhood to be on the City's sanitary sewer system for safety and health reasons, and that this improvement has been considered necessary for a long time.

"With the support of the mayor and City Council, the City was in a position to build a new sanitary sewer system in that area that would benefit a significant number of households," Cauthen said. "This is testament that partnering with the community is the best way to get things done in Kansas City."

In addition to the 13,000 linear feet of new sanitary sewer, approximately 4,800 feet of new water main, as well as new fire hydrants, also were constructed. Previously, the neighborhood experienced several water main breaks due to the smaller capacity of the previous water main. The benefits of the new hydrants already have been realized by the residents.

"Just after we got our fire hydrants, a pickup truck in the drive across the street caught fire," said Margie Huff, resident of Bannister Acres Neighborhood. "Flames shot as high as the roofs and had we not had a fire hydrant right there, it might have spread to (additional) homes. We are grateful to everyone who worked on getting these projects accomplished."

For more information about this project, contact Donna Mandelbaum, communications specialist in the Capital Improvements Management Office, (816) 513-2757 or

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