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New employee suggestion and recognition program promotes efficiency

In an effort to spur revenue growth and efficiency savings, the City will implement a dramatically enhanced employee suggestion and recognition program. A similar program has been authorized by ordinance since 1985, yet funding and appointments to the steering committee were suspended in 2001. The revised program’s guidelines require no additional staff or funding.

The program will encourage any employee or group of employees to offer efficiency suggestions to the City Manager’s Office. After a review for potential effectiveness and savings, worthy suggestions will be forwarded to a steering committee comprised of management and labor-class employees, and local business and academic professionals. The steering committee will make the final selection of projects. Once selected, the submitters will work with stakeholders, including associated departmental efficiency programs, and the City Manager’s Office to implement the suggestions.

Upon successful implementation, the submitters will be awarded 10 percent of the newly generated revenue or savings, up to a proposed amount of $5,000 per individual or $25,000 for a group. Implemented suggestions that are cost-neutral, but result in increases in efficiency or customer service, will be eligible for non-monetary awards such as donated gift certificates, extra time off and special recognition by the City Council and City Manager.

“We want to recognize the contributions our employees make in helping the City run as effectively and efficiently as possible by providing this incentive” said City Manager Wayne Cauthen. “This program will allow us to tap in to the wealth of knowledge and experience that only the people actually performing these jobs every day can provide,” Cauthen added.

A workgroup is completing plans to implement the program and a revised ordinance will be offered soon for consideration by the City Council. If approved by the City Council, the City plans to begin accepting suggestions Dec. 1.

For more information on the employee suggestion and recognition program, contact Troy Schulte, Acting Budget Officer, (816) 513-1334.

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