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Work to start on Convention Center loading dock project

Construction will begin on the first phase of the Kansas City Convention Center north loading dock renovation project on July 16. Pyramid Construction, the prime contractor of phase one, will demolish the structure's west wall, which runs adjacent to Broadway Boulevard, as well as the west entrance abutment. Phase one of the project will be completed by the last week of July. The entire project, which is scheduled to be completed by June 2008, will be constructed in a series of phases in order to accommodate the various events scheduled that require use of the loading dock and other Convention Center facilities.

During the first phase, half of the east Broadway Boulevard sidewalk and all of the south 12th Street sidewalk that run parallel to the dock structure will be closed, limiting pedestrian access. Brief temporary lane reductions may also be necessary to provide a safe perimeter for construction.

The project is designed by Crawford Architects and managed by the City of Kansas City, Mo., Capital Improvements Management Office and Diggs Construction, in partnership with the Convention and Entertainment Centers. The new dock is intended to create a more accessible, functional space that maximizes the existing dock area to allow for several additional loading bays and an expanded truck entrance that can better accommodate today's heavy duty freight trucks. Once the project is completed, truck traffic will enter the dock structure from Central Street and will exit on to Broadway Boulevard.

In addition to solving practical challenges, the new design will also address the aesthetic elements of the structure's visible exterior. The north dock's fa├žade will be constructed out of uniquely styled, perforated steel panels that screen the loading bays from public view. A roof structure will be added to the dock, but rather than a flat surface design, an innovative open roof will be installed comprised of a system of synthetic fiber panels supported by a tensile steel frame. This design will circumvent drainage issues and allow natural light to help illuminate the dock, saving energy costs. This design will also offer improved aerial views of the dock from surrounding buildings.

Construction activity will proceed as long as the weather is favorable for such outdoor activity. Drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians are reminded to use caution in areas adjacent to active construction sites. Conditions in these areas can change rapidly, which may expose people to unexpected dangerous situations. A map highlighting street conditions is available at

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