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City is addressing weed violations

In a continuing effort to address violations of City codes that involve tall weeds, trash, and debris the City of Kansas City, Mo. has begun abating these violations and is charging the property owner the costs associated with this action.

Since the beginning of May, the City has cleaned over 800 private properties and notified property owners of 4,258 nuisance violations. Property owners who fail to mow their grass will be cited and if they fail to correct the issue(s) the City will be forced abate the violation. Properties which are not in compliance will be mowed and cleared of all debris without additional notice.

The cost charged to the property owner, averages $400 to $500. This cost will be assessed against the property as a special tax assessment. In addition the property owner may be issued a court summons requiring them to appear in Kansas City, Mo. Municipal Court for failing to keep grass and weeds below 10 inches.

In the interest of keeping our City livable and our communities strong, the residents are encouraged to report violations to the City. Residents who wish to report a property with tall weeds or debris may contact the 3-1-1 Action Center at 311 or 816-513-1313.

Media inquiries about this issue should be directed to David Park, acting director for the Neighborhood and Community Services Department, 816-513-3231.


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