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City to proceed with plans for Red Bridge Road

Planned improvements to Red Bridge Road will provide an improved roadway and safer travel for area residents.

Following an extensive review of community input and engineering plans, the City of Kansas City, Mo., Public Works Department is proceeding with the plans for Red Bridge Road from Holmes Road to Blue River Road presented at the meeting held March 7 at St. Catherine of Siena Parish. At the meeting, information was provided as to how planned improvements would address concerns related to safety, existing and projected traffic, planned development, and the overall scope of the project.

"The City has dedicated a substantial amount of time in examining the public safety needs of the entire community for this bridge and roadway," said Stan Harris, director of the Public Works Department. "We are moving forward with the plans for this soundly engineered project as it is our responsibility to meet the public safety needs and the demands of the expected growth of this community for years to come."

The new bridge will be built to provide 50-75 years of service over the Blue River, eliminate the existing at-grade railroad crossing, and improve safety and emergency response time. In addition, the project will address flooding problems, limited vertical clearance, sharp curves in the road, future traffic demands and eliminate the disruption of traffic due to trains.

The new bridge will be constructed north of the existing bridge and will span the Blue River and the Union Pacific Railroad. The existing historic Red Bridge will remain in place, serving as a bicycle and pedestrian bridge. Roadway improvements include widening of the road to four lanes with left turn lanes, bicycle lanes, curbs and sidewalks.

Right-of-way acquisition is estimated to begin in upcoming months with construction tentatively scheduled to begin by the end of 2006. The complete public meeting transcript, responses to frequently asked questions and other project information is available on the Public Access Link located on the Capital Improvements Management Office's Web site (

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