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City reduces pet licensing fees to increase compliance

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Neighborhood and Community Services Department reduced City pet licensing fees in January 2012 in an effort to encourage residents to license their pet dogs, cats and ferrets, as is required by Chapter 14 of the City’s Code of Ordinances.

“It is our hope that residents take advantage of the discounted pet license fee to reduce the number of owned pets that enter the animal shelter,” said David Park, director of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department. “Many of the animals that enter the shelter are owned pets, but without a license tag, there is no way to contact the owner.”

The changes in City ordinance related to pet licensing are:

    • All one-year pet licenses are $10 (altered or unaltered pets).

    • All three-year pet licenses are $27 (altered or unaltered pets).

    • Free ride home program - “licensed” lost or stray pets will be taken home instead of to the shelter one time per year. No ticket will be issued for pets that run at large.

    • No shelter fees will be assessed if the owner is home when the pet is returned; half fees will be assessed if the owner cannot be located, and the pet is reclaimed at the shelter.

    • Amnesty granted on $25 late fees until May 1, 2012.

    • All funds generated from license sales support improved care and treatment of animals at the shelter.

Pet owners can license their pet at the City’s Animal Shelter at 4400 Raytown Road or electronically at They may also contact their veterinarian, who may be able to sell pet licenses directly.

The pet license fee changes were recommended by a pet licensing task force convened to identify barriers to pet licensing and develop strategies to increase licensing compliance. In March, the task force launched a new Pet Licensing Campaign: “Lost Pets Can’t Call Home.” The campaign promotes the benefits of licensing pets and provides information on how to license a pet.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact David Park, director of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department, at 816-513-3231.


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