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Aim4Peace evaluation shows positive impact in East Patrol area

The University of Kansas Work Group for Community Health and Development recently submitted its annual evaluation report examining the development and implementation of the City of Kansas City, Mo., Aim4Peace program from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2008.

The purposes of the evaluation are: (1) to improve the Aim4Peace program by providing qualitative and quantitative feedback to guide informed decision-making; and (2) to determine the contributions of the program in supporting its mission.

The evaluation is available at

The report concluded that, although Aim4Peace is a relatively new program, it has contributed to positive changes in the East Patrol target area. Preliminary data presented in the report suggests that Aim4Peace may be beginning to contribute to community changes that will support improved rates of homicides and aggravated assaults over time.

The report’s intended use is to support formative evaluation to help further guide the development and implementation of Aim4Peace in the East Patrol Division. The evaluation used both an interrupted-time series, with a nested non-equivalent comparison group design, and an empirical case study design focusing on six evaluation questions and related performance measures:

- Has Aim4Peace contributed to change in the target area to support anti-violence efforts?

- What key factors have influenced the implementation of Aim4Peace?

- How has Aim4Peace enhanced the service capacity of the city government to respond toconflicts among residents?

- Has there been a change in residents’ perceptions towards violence in the target area and the ability of local governments to respond?

- Does Aim4Peace support individuals in the target area with high risk for violence?

- Have there been improvements in rates of homicides and aggravated assaults in the target area?

Since 1975, the University of Kansas Work Group has worked with partners to address two key research questions: How do people work together to bring about change in communities, and under what conditions are these changes associated with improvement in community health and development? In 2004, the center was officially designated as the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas. The World Health Organization Centre was redesignated for 2008-2012.

The report contributors were Jeffrey Colvin, M.D., J.D., Jomella Watson-Thompson, Ph.D., Teresa Hansen, Dan Schober, M.A. For more information on the work group, visit

The Aim4Peace Movement to stop the shooting is an initiative of the City Manager’s Office.

For more information, call Tracie McClendon-Cole at (816) 513-7902.

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