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CIMO offers opportunities to area contractors

As construction season approaches, the City of Kansas City, Mo., Capital Improvements Management Office offers contractors various ways to compete for City contracts.

“Kansas City’s construction boom has created many opportunities for contractors,” said City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen. “This city is home to capable, industrious builders and we want to give them every opportunity to succeed.”

CIMO’s Web site ( hosts a range of contractor information on its contract administration page. Interested contractors can obtain a six-month forecast of upcoming bidding opportunities, read about the design standards of the American Public Works Association and the City’s Public Works Department, and receive a breakdown of previous bid readings. Contractors may also join an e-mail list which provides up-to-the-minute information to hundreds of builders, contractors and business professionals across the country.

Prequalification, which is one of CIMO’s most innovative policies, has expanded the opportunities available to contractors. CIMO prequalifies design, construction and associated service contractors regularly throughout the year, streamlining the construction process by assigning construction projects costing less than $300,000 and design projects costing less than $100,000 to prequalified participants.

In addition, the City posts its upcoming contracts and bid documents on the World Plan Room, located at, which allows members of the contracting community to obtain the plans and specs of upcoming City projects.

For more information about contracting opportunities, contact Sean Demory, Capital Improvements Management Office, at (816) 513-0059 or

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