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Team assembled for Aim4Peace Community Mediation Program

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Aim4Peace Community Mediation Program, an initiative of the City Manager’s Office, has selected its 12-member team of outreach workers to work with neighborhood and community resources to intervene in conflicts before they escalate.

The 12 workers, who were selected from more than 200 applicants, have received training from The Chicago Violence Prevention Project-CeaseFire and other local partners in crisis intervention, mediation certification and resource development. The workers also will begin connecting with businesses, neighborhood residents and organizations in the target zones.

“The outreach workers are professionals who have the drive, dedication and skills to align City and community resources to help stem the tide of gun-related violence in our city,” said City Manager Wayne A. Cauthen. “The program uses innovative strategies to change the behaviors of potentially high-risk individuals and offer them life skill opportunities as an alternative to turning to criminal activity.”

Aim4Peace is the first part of a multi-year approach to address violence in Kansas City, Mo., by supporting active community members and connecting residents to basic services. The program will use community mobilization to increase protective factors and resiliency through family bonding, connectedness to community, participation in problem-solving and promoting self-sufficiency.

Aim4Peace will contract with community-based organizations, such as Neighborhood Action Teams, to mobilize rapid responses to homicides and help spread the message to stop the shooting.

For more information about the Aim4Peace program or how to get involved, call (816) 513-3886 or visit

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